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"Quality, quality, quality! I can’t believe it....makes me wonder what I’ve been eating all this time! After trying two things, it’s a game changer for my house."  - Anna Connolly

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What's New at Hidden Vue Farm

Posted 8/7/2017 11:13am by Stefanie Jaeger.

Hello again from Hidden-Vue Farm

Well, it was another interesting Spring and summer for us.  We finished up making first crop hay on July 19th this year which is pretty much the same time as last year, so back to back years of extremely late hay making.  We did have a very cold and wet spring but we ended up with 900 bales of first crop which is very good.  The grasses on our farm are almost all cool season grasses which means they continue to grow even in colder weather and all the rain helped grow a lot of grass.  I reseeded the field that was flooded out last year and as soon as I finished seeding it promptly rained 10 inches in the next 10 days.  Surprisingly about ⅔ of the field survived this new flooding.  Several weeks later I had to go in and re-plant the remaining parts of the field.  

Spring calving went well for us but for the first time in quite a few years we did not lamb any sheep.  I sold all of the sheep last fall as the kids weren’t very interested in them anymore and I was tired of chasing them when they went through the fence.

Late July was pretty quiet around our farm as my wife Jennifer and the children went to England for several weeks to spend time with Jennifer’s twin sister and her family.  They should be coming home in the next couple of hours which means that I took time out from my last minute cleaning of the house to write this letter.  It is surprising how quickly the house gets messy with only 1 person here.  And no kids to blame it on either.  :)

We have less than a month before our county fair so now it’s time to start training the all the animals.  This year Kieren will take a steer and Matthew and Mia will each take a hog.  We will also bring several cows with calves by their sides.  Visitors to the fair always enjoy petting the baby calves.

We raised 65 chickens and 10 turkeys this year.  I really don’t like chickens but I like eating them so my compromise is every other year I raise enough to feed our family for two years.  I’m not alone in liking to eat chicken.  This year we had a golden eagle that decided that chickens were pretty tasty too.  And he ate a turkey too, just for variety.