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ICYMI: What's New at Northcroft Farm

Posted 9/11/2017 2:05pm by Stefanie Jaeger.

The First Frost:

It is something you look forward to with both dread and relief. Dread that your plants will be killed and the tomatoes, peppers, and beans will come to a quick and dramatic. Relief that finally the farming season is coming to a close. With both these things in mind my fiancé I found ourselves out Friday night (the day before our wedding) covering whatever we could with row cover and old greenhouse plastic.

After an unexpected mild frost, the night before and a freeze predicted tonight, I’m not going to get caught sleeping on the job. The thing about early frosts is that they are unpredictable. A degree or two can make all the difference and there is still a lot of stuff out there. What should I harvest now? Should I cover the beans or the peppers? Zucchini or cucumbers? Should the high end of the field get covered or just the low end? I look around and conclude there is not enough row cover for the peppers or beans. Ok let’s cover the cucumbers and zucchinis. We set the sprinklers up in the beans. If it frosts I can turn the sprinklers on to fend off a couple degrees of cold. Peppers, pull off everything that looks reasonably ripe.

Its 11:00 39 degrees and we have harvested everything we can, used all the row cover, and set up sprinklers on the beans, there is nothing more we can do for now. I get up at 2:30, 37° no frost, 3:30, 36° no frost, 4:30, 35° no frost, 5:30, 34° can’t tell might be some frost forming on the grass clipping, 6:00, 34° sun starts to come up, no frost this end of the field, I walk to the low end, a little frost on some grass clippings, 6:30 sun starts to hit the fields, we are in the clear no damage.

Time to get married.

~Northcroft Farm