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"I was thrilled with the quality of the fruits and vegetables we received! The produce was ALWAYS fresh and tasted amazing! It was a special treat each week to see what came in the box and then to have the recipes and tips to store/care for it was so helpful.  The plus share was such a bonus – I never thought I would like fermented vegetables until I skeptically tried the Curtido….I fell in love!"  - Angel Hohenstein

"Quality, quality, quality! I can’t believe it....makes me wonder what I’ve been eating all this time! After trying two things, it’s a game changer for my house."  - Anna Connolly

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ICYMI: What's New at Twisting Twig Garden and Orchard

Posted 10/2/2017 2:13pm by Stefanie Jaeger.

Greetings from Twisting Twig Gardens and Orchard,  

I hope that you all have been enjoying fall. This is my favorite time of the year. I love the cool, comfortable weather, the vibrant colors, and earthy smells. Most of all, I love the bounty of the harvest season. This time of year, the eating is good!  

As we move into October, a sense of urgency begins to creep in. Around Twisting Twig, there is still much work to be done before the season wraps up and the cold weather arrives. This month, we will be picking and pressing apples for cider, which is something that I eagerly await each year. We will be continuing to harvest from the gardens including; digging up the root veggies, gathering the last of the tomatoes, and harvesting the lettuce. Toward the end of the month, we will be prepping beds and planting garlic for next year. There will also be garden clean-up and plenty of mulching to do before all is ready for winter.  

With all the busyness and joys of fall, also comes a touch of sadness about having to let go of that daily sense of purpose of nurturing our crops. This growing season has had it's challenges because of the cool and wet weather, which has led to issues including slower ripening, slug damage, and tomato blight. We need rain, but everything in moderation! However, the bounty and delights of fall abound, and I am grateful for all that the farm provides.  

I want to thank you for supporting us and the other farms of your Lake Superior Cooperative CSA. And, good on you for choosing to eat well. Enjoy!   Happy Fall, Rob