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ICYMI: What's New at Yoman Farm!

Posted 1/11/2018 9:42am by Stefanie Jaeger.

Hi all from Yoman Farm!

It is a really beautiful morning with sunshine and sparkles on top of the snow, a benefit of the extremely cold weather. I realized how much the weather affected me in December when I thought about this letter.

In late November I had a waterline to the barn dug deeper into the ground to protect against freeze only to have it freeze up now somewhere else along the process from groundwater to horse water. Then in early December the warm days and evenings allowed me to put up a walk-in cooler in the shade of some spruces at my farm for storing vegetables.

After that, I went to North Dakota to hunt pheasants and discovered a lot of areas of reserved habitat we hunted in the past were gone, either due to drought or low prices. Farmers were digging out trees (shelter belts in North Dakota), haying conservation lands or even burning cattail swamps to create more arable land next year. This concentrated the pheasants but it was also disheartening to see trees removed from North Dakota…  

I returned home and few days later with warm ground and then snow cover, had a boarding horse slip and break its leg. That was a sad day because horses are not able to heal from such a fall without extreme levels of care and restraints. We buried it before dawn the next day and the herd stood around the hole in the flood light of the back hoe but other than that scene, the 24 hours was a sad series of new experiences for me.

The upside to this cold weather is that I think we are going to have lake ice this year and hope that the ice caves on the opposite side of the peninsula from my farm become accessible soon. The picture below shows the result of waves and freezing temps along the shoreline above the sea caves last year.

— John