Frequently Asked Questions

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I don’t know what the terms mean. Can you explain them?

What does CSA mean? CSA stands for "community supported agriculture"
How does it work?  CSA members sign up for a weekly or every-other week box of seasonal veggies, meats, fruit, flowers, or bakery. Then, we farmers grow the food, box it up, and deliver it to the pickup location you choose. All you need to do is swing by on Wednesdays to pick up your boxes! Our CSA manager will send you reminder emails early each week so you don't forget to come get your boxes each week.  Boxes come with a weekly newsletter to let you know what is happening on the farms, and include recipes to inspire kitchen confidence. 
“Special Orders” offer you the ability to order just what you would like, when you would like it, one time only.  Examples include a case of grass-fed hamburger, or a 10# bag of green beans.  Special orders are delivered the first Wednesday of each month.
“Summer” shares include delivery each Wednesday from late May to the end of October.
“Winter” shares include 6 deliveries from November through March.
“PLUS” options include the addition of locally produced value-added products such as fresh cheeses, honey, maple syrup, lacto-fermented vegetables, and more.

What should I do if I’m unable to pick-up my box?
First try to find a friend, neighbor, or family member to pick-up your box. They can store it for you until you get back or enjoy it themselves. If you can’t find anyone, then please call/text Stefanie at 218-409-6409 or email her at to let us know you won’t be able to pick-up your order. Unfortunately, we can’t offer a refund or replace your box for missed weeks and we will donate your box.

I completely forgot to pick up my order yesterday. What should I do?
We will email you the next day to remind you about pick-ups. However, we cannot redeliver boxes if you miss one, nor can we offer a refund. It is your responsiblity to make it to your pick up location during the appropriate times.

I’m going on vacation. Can you deliver my box(es) late?
Sorry, we cannot deliver your boxes late. Everything we deliver is broken down on a weekly schedule so we know what you have received and what we still owe you. If you’re going to be out of town for a week, try to find a friend, family member, or neighbor who might enjoy your share that week. Otherwise, let us know if you would rather we not send a box so it doesn’t go to waste.

When are my payments due? Where do I send them?
Monthly payments are due by the end of each month for the next month’s delivery.

You may pay 1 of 3 ways

1. Set up reoccuring monthly payments at check out. 

2. Pay monthly online via ACH Transfer or Credit Card payment 

3. You can send checks to:

    Bayfield Foods
    P.O. Box 412
   Washburn, WI 54891

If you have questions about your balance or want to make other arrangements, please contact Stefanie at 218-409-6406 or email

How close to the pick-up date can I place a special order?
You must place your order by Monday at midnight for the Wednesday delivery the next week.  

Can I order vegetables and fruits anytime during the year?
Our shares run May through March. Occasionally we will have things available to order as a special order. Check availability at our shopping page. We are working on having veggie boxes available as an “a la carte” option this year!

Can I order meat and fish anytime during the year?
Yes. Our meat/fish is available for pick-up the first Wednesday of every month during the year. The only exception is our lamb, which is available October-March. So, you can order your meat/fish for the whole year right now, or you can order month by month.

What is the best way to store my meat/fish?
Frozen! Unless you’re going to eat your meat right away, it is best to store it as cold as possible. We recommend a chest freezer set to 5F or lower. Each meat product is vacuum-packed, which helps ensure freshness and avoid freezer burn, but it is best to keep it as cold as possible.

Wow, That’s A Lot of Food! Can I Eat It All?
It’s true, during the course of a year, we eat a lot of food. By committing to a Whole Diet or Whole Diet Plus Share you’ll be getting much of your food from our farms (at least most of the fruits, vegetables, and meats) and that’s the point. Based on our experience and planning, we’ve tried our best to design the shares to provide just enough, but not too much food. Key to eating via the Whole Diet shares is flexibility. You won’t know what’ll be in your weekly (or bi-weekly) box until you open it. That’s part of the fun! We include helpful newsletters and new this year we’ve created a forum on this website where you can share your favorite recipes

Do I Need a Chest Freezer for the Whole Diet Shares or Meat Shares?
It’s our opinion that eating locally in our region, where the winters are long, requires a chest freezer. That said, depending on what else you keep in your freezer, you may be just fine using your regular freezer. The tricky part will be the 33 lbs of meat delivered monthly during the winter months. How good are your Tetris skills?

Still have questions? Email Stefanie at